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Screenshot of CAMEO software

Chemical Database Updated

A new version of CAMEO Chemicals is now available. CAMEO Chemicals is a database of hazardous chemical data sheets with response recommendations and physical properties

EPA: Hazmat removal in Maui 85% Complete

Source: EPA The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency has removed hazardous materials from over 85 percent of the burned properties in Lāhainā, Maui – the first

Image of a train derailment

NTSB Assesses Texas Hazmat Derailment

The National Transportation Safety Board recently issued an overview of its report on the Jan. 8, 2022 BNSF derailment in Texas where more than a

Image of wrecked truck

Truck Crash, Hazmat Leak Kills 5

In late September a semi carrying about 7,500 gallons of anhydrous ammonia crashed on an Illinois highway. Approximately 4,000 gallons leaked, killing three adults and

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The fire service and military share many common traits. Chief among those is putting humans in harm’s way and trying to reduce the risk to those humans in those environments. Not surprising, there are tech solutions for that. Alex Gorsuch, is co-founder and chief technology officer Ascent Integrated Tech, one of those tech companies trying […]

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