1. Training
In the first edition of this series of clandestine lab response, we covered methamphetamine-related clandestine lab responses and some sampling/manufacturing methods. Today, we are shifting towards the ever-growing opioid issue, specifically discussing heroin and fentanyl along with various other drugs. First, let’s start with some background of current and past trends in the illicit and […]
  1. Industrial Fire
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Industrial Fire Familiarization: Flammable Liquid Firefighting One of the lesser touched on subjects of the firefighting world is that of flammable liquids, and techniques for extinguishment.  Today we will focus on the control and extinguishment of “Heavy” flammable liquids.  When I use the term “Heavy” I mean those of which that are longer chained hydrocarbons.  […]
  1. Training
HazSim Customer Spotlight Hazmat Training Expert Casey Jones Ensuring hazmat students are engaged and learning requires breaking down material into digestible bites, fresh, realistic hands-on scenarios and verifying student understanding. Casey Jones is a 20-year emergency services veteran including 13 years with the Little Rock (Ark.) Fire Department. He is a lead hazmat instructor not […]