Chem Bio decontamination made simple with M2DCON

HMN - Chem Bio decontamination made simple with M2DCON

Decon PLUS is the commercial equivalent to the U.S. DoD Joint General Purpose Decontaminant (M333). It’s three-part system is a complete decontamination kit for use against chemical and biological contamination.

Each Decon PLUS kit includes three pouches of unique chemistry packaged laminated foil pouches. The decontaminant is stored as dry powders which are mixed at point of use with locally available water (fresh, brackish or salt water). 

Decon PLUS is easy to use. Simply mix with available water, apply to completely wet contaminated surfaces, then allow to dry completely. Once mixed, Decon PLUS can be applied to surfaces or equipment manually or using spray systems.

It works in a very simple but effective process. When the Part 1 Oxidant component is dissolved in water, it releases hydrogen peroxide. The Part 2 Activator component contains materials that react with the hydrogen peroxide to produce peracetic acid (PAA). The activator also contains a blend of surfactants and a buffer to control the pH of the use dilution. The Part B Bio Activator component is added if the use dilution will be used for decontamination of biological agents. This component boosts the PAA concentration and adjusts the pH to enhance the antimicrobial efficacy.

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