FarrWest presents: Hazardous Gas Tactical Response – Technology Advances

During this FREE to attend, one hour presentation, which will include an introduction to HAZSIM, highly experienced Instructor, Michael Parsons will give a brief overview of multiple actual events. Using one of these scenarios as a vehicle for discussion and demonstration on the use of hand-held portable sensors  (multi-gas and PID).  The tutorial will explain the value of data collected from multiple devices and discuss limitations of actionable data for developing a response plan.  Michael will introduce IR as a valuable tool for use between portable handhelds and GCMS new technology (IR) for identification of threat utilizing extensive libraries with capabilities allow as 30 ppm mixture analysis performed to identify major components of release.  The presentation will introduce new advances in Field Portable GCMS trace level analysis of all components in the environment illustrating reduction in size and weight for increased portability and the development of GUI and algorithms to enhance ease of use.  Michael and the FarrWest team will be available post presentation for Q&A’s in the Public Safety Fire & Emergency Services arena in the main Convention Hall with HAZSIM.

2pm each day in the second floor training room – only at Warrior West!

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