Hazmat Training Debrief: Corpus Christi, Texas

Hazmat Training Debrief will give you a quick recap of interesting hazmat training going on. This week we look at recent training from Corpus Christi, Texas

What agency led the training?

Corpus Christi Fire Department’s Hazmat Team

Where was it held?

Corpus Christi Fire Station 5 (Hazmat Station)

What was the set up time?

About 30 minutes including review and making sure HazSim connections were good everywhere.

How many were trained?

10 people from two stations. However we will continue this class/training with another six stations.

What hazmat levels were the trainees?

Ops level

What were the training objectives?

The stations we are focusing on have Multi-Raes assigned to them. We review the basics of turning on/off, tests, how they work, etc. We then go into responding to calls with it, mainly gas and CO calls. We review what it can and can’t see along with PPE selection and when to call for hazmat.

What evolutions did trainees do?

Simulated going to a gas leak call with a man down inside. We rotated crews of three. They had to don PPE when they felt the need based on HazSim readings, then decide on continuing on for a search. They also had to call for hazmat and shut off gas to the house — not in any specific order.

What technology was used?

HazSim and SCBA

What were the biggest successes?

The large amount of false alarms or gas levels below 0.1% has led to a lot of poor tactics. Reviewing the dangers of natural gas, proper response and having an actual simulation with reading and alarms assists in putting people back on alert when checking for gas along with increased confidence in the monitor. We hear a lot of times, “I never get any readings even though I smell gas.” With the class, we have explained not only why that is but also that there are more actions to take, like contact hazmat.

What would you do differently next time?

We will be continuing this class to all stations that carry a Multi-Rae. We will not only add more scenarios, but we will rotate the instructors/skills examiners so that all of the techs have an opportunity to teach — thus making them better while also teaching the ops level.

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