Hazmat Training Debrief: Orange, Texas

Triangle Rescue Image

Hazmat Training Debrief will give you a quick recap of interesting hazmat training going on. This week we look at recent training from Orange, Texas

What agency led the training?

Triangle Rescue

Where was it held?

Orange, Texas

What was the set up time?

20 minutes

How many were trained?

10 personnel from three different organizations

What hazmat levels were the trainees?

Operations and technician

What were the training objectives?

Cl2 Drill: Recognition and identification, initiate protective actions, monitoring, notifications, identify potential hazards and action options, evaluating and reporting progress, and mitigation.

What evolutions did trainees do?

Monitoring and “C” Kit application

What technology was used?

Chlorine training dome and HazSim 2.0

What were the biggest successes?

Being able to train the students to read the conditions with the tools they have and seeing the students adjust tactics based on their readings.

What would you do differently next time?

Spend more time on scenario creation and implement the HazSim into the PowerPoint presentation prior to drilling.

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