Hazmatters: ABC-Zug München-Land, Germany

Hazmatters: ABC-Zug München-Land, Germany

The Hazmat Nation has no borders as it does not matter what part of the world you are from, the chemical properties remain the same and our mission is the same.  This edition of Hazmatters was submitted by Andreas Müller of the ABC-Zug München-Land HazMat Response team.
The ABC-Zug München-Land HazMat team is located in Haar, a rural district of Munich in the state of Bavaria Germany.  The all volunteer dedicated Hazmat-only team has approximately 35 on call members who respond to incidents around the Munich region.
According to Andreas ‘We train every to every second Tuesday and one Saturday a month’ and respond to close to 30-40 calls each year.  He also tells us they use a portable GCMS for analytics.
Take a look at and follow their teams Instagram Page

ABC- Zug Incident Log

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