Hazmatters: Detour Gold ERT

Hazmatters: Detour Gold ERT

Today on Hazmatters we salute the ERT members of Detour Gold in Cochrane, Ontario, Canada.

This team consists of 60 fixed facility responders, who focus on an industrial based site.  The members are all crossed staffed to other apparatus, to effectively respond to any kind of incident that comes their way.

Being a fixed facility team, these members must be well versed in their products they help manufacture.  Some of which include Hydrogen Cyanide, Sulfur Dioxide, Lead Nitrate, and Ammonium Nitrate.  Definitely not your typical first in concerns!

Yearly the team participates in 4 planned full scale mock scenarios, with 2 extra drills being surprises for the crews on duty.  With weekly training, this team is ready for anything.

75% of their first in crews are trained to the technician level, will full level A, and level B capabilities.  As far as gas metering, the teams use the MX6, which also helps verify progress of member decontamination after calls.

As far as apparatus goes, the team boasts 3 fire trucks and one ladder for use in mass decontamination setups.  They have a 3 person walk through, with 1 non ambulatory walk through decor shower unit.  This setup was custom built by Rapid Response Industrial group from the west coast in Canada.

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