HMN-Today’s HAZMATTERS are big time friends of HMN! With a large hazmat presence in the Big Apple we’ll start with a VIP station tour of Haz Mat 1, from “The Hazmat Guys”

Hazardous Materials Company No.1 is housed in Queens New York and is a city wide response company made up of its first and second piece manned with Specialist and shares the quarters with Squad 288.

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Photo Credit: Joseph John Ramos

The FDNY also has CBRNE EMS units, info provided from their website (view here)

“The FDNY expanded its CBRNE response capabilities.  Units that operated under the (pre-merger) NYC EMS Special Operations Division and new members were reorganized into the HAZTAC Battalion.

A Select group of FDNY EMS (ALS & BLS) units are known as Hazardous Material Tactical Units (Haz-Tac Ambulances) whose members are trained to the level of Hazardous Materials Technician Which allows them to provide emergency medical care and decontamination in a hazardous environment, in addition to their normal 911 duties.”

We have worked with several partners on this FDNY HAZMATTERS and we have exclusive photos from Joseph John Ramos, “AKA” THEMAJESTIRIUM1 and also have to thank The HazMat Guys Podcast for their video.

Check out his YouTube Channel here and follow “Fire Buff Squad 99” in action!

Fire Buff “Squad 99”

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The HazMat Guys Podcast
The HazMat Guys Podcast