Hazmatters: HazMat 2 Environmental Fire Rescue Co (Lancaster County PA)

Hazmatters: HazMat 2 Environmental Fire Rescue Co (Lancaster County PA)

Haz Mat 2 Environmental Fire Rescue Co

The Hazmat Nation has no borders as it does not matter what part of the world you are from, the chemical properties and mission are the same.  This edition of Hazmatters was submitted by Patrick Horan of Haz Mat 2 Environmental Fire Rescue Co in Lancaster County PA.  Their team is a dedicated ‘HazMat Team’ staffed by on-call personnel which serves a population of over 1/2 a million people.  The team was started in 1983 and has 25 members.

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First Due and hazards:Approximately 200 Sara facilities containing a myriad of products from Sulfuric Acid to Liquid Oxygen and beyond. As well as the usual Diesel, Ammonia and Chlorine spills.CityManheimCountyLancasterStatePAPopulation Served543,000

Team slogan: ‘If you do the thing and you do it right, it just works.’

Team Stats:We train weekly on various topics set by the training officer. This is based on state requirements, hazardous and recognized vulnerabilities from calls and exercises. There is an over arching rank structure (promotions) which require specific courses to be attained. Courses are offered each year giving members the opportunity to promote when possible.Number of Team Members (total)25Date Team Started?1983

The Rigs:

Haz Mat 2-1 (Primary Haz Mat unit) – 1995 Simon Duplex “Heavy Rescue” style apparatus. Carries all required equipment in accordance with PA Act 165. We are just breaking this baby in.

Haz Mat 2-2 with Spill Trailer – 2014 F450 known as the Prime Mover. This primarily moves our containment/spill trailer. Extensive oil containment capacity.

Haz Mat 2-3 – 1998 Econoline Ambulance. This was purchased from a local ambulance company and given a second life as a medium duty Haz Mat Unit. This handles out of district responses, supports all other units and houses our robust sUAS program.

sUAS or Special Unit 2-3 – This is a fleet of sUAS or Drones. We have a couple of different aircraft from light weight crafts to heavy duty aircraft. We are capable of running optical or thermal. Only certified pilots are permitted to operate the crafts. In a previous post you mentioned our team using Truck 74 (Elizabethtown Fire Department) ladder truck in order to gain access. During this time we realized the safety concerns and from this developed a safer response platform. This was the birth of the sUAS program at Haz Mat 2. (HMN Ed: Clink Link to see great work utilizing Truck to insert Level A team!)

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