Hazmatters: Lethbridge Fire and Emergency Services, Canada

Hazmatters: Lethbridge Fire and Emergency Services, Canada

Lethbridge Fire & Emergency Services, Canada

The Hazmat Nation has no borders as it does not matter what part of the world you are from, the chemical properties and mission are the same.  This edition of Hazmatters was submitted by Kelly L’Hirondelle of Lethbridge, Alberta.  Their team is a combo team cross-staffed from another apparatus which serves a population of approximately 200,000.  There are 4-6 members on duty at any one time with more available to be called in if needed.  The team was started in September 2009 and has 24 members.

Take a look and follow their teams instagram (we do!)  @lfd_hazmat

Here is the link to Lethbridge Fire and Emergency Services Facebook Page.

First Due and hazards:Large Rail and highway truck volume as we are on a main route from the United States to western Canada. Large amount of agriculture chemicals as well as the normal street drug problems.City:    Lethbridge State/Province:  AlbertaCountry:  CanadaPopulation Served:  200,000(Quick Wikipedia fact ‘Alberta is one of three Canadian provinces and territories to border only a single U.S. state and one of only two landlocked provinces.’ Thank You to Lethbridge Fire for telling us about their team!

Team slogan: ‘If you do the thing and you do it right, it just works.’

Team Stats:Our team members train on shift as well as scheduled team days throughout the year that brings the whole team together. We also train and work closely with the Lethbridge Police EOD and Tactical units.Number of Team Members (total):  24Date Team Started:  2009

The Rigs:2011 45′ custom built goose neck trailer that is insulated for our large Temperature swings of -45c in the winter and +40c in the summer. This unit is pulled by a 2011 Dodge 5500 quad cab. This is our main response unit and we have several other support pieces for larger calls.

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