Hazmatters: West Windsor Fire & Emergency Services N.J.

HMN-West Windsor Township is home to a collection of unique challenges to emergency response agencies, including; hazardous materials releases, confined space rescues, transportation emergencies and large public gatherings.

To confront these threats the Township has purchased a specialized vehicle called Special Operations 45, which is outfitted with equipment necessary to control and mitigate a hazardous materials release or perform a confined space rescue.

About the area you serve
City westwindsor
County Mercer County
State NJ
Population Served 22,000 West Windsor Twsp. / ( 1 of 3 Trucks in the County that serves 371,537.
Hazards in First Due, anything unique? SRI International – Bioscience, Chemistry and National Defense Contracts.

Schlumberger- technology for reservoir characterization, drilling, production, and processing to the oil and gas industry.

653-acre former American Cyanamid complex

Muiltple sewer lift stations

Several Petroleum and Natural gas pipelines

Describe how you train your team members or any special tools: Under the direction of the Special Operations Lieutenant Joseph Gribbins we are all sent to New Jersey State Police Hazmat Technican Course. Once team members have been trained to the technician level and have showed competencies in the fields of Hazmat Technician then under the approval of the Director and Special Operations Lieutenant team members are sent to the following ( Not in order)

CDP- Hazardous Materials Technician; Hazardous Materials Technologies: Sampling, Monitoring, and Detection; Hazard Assessment and Response Management for CBRNE Incidents

Energetic Materials Research and Testing Center (EMRTC) at New Mexico Tech for Incident Response to Terrorist Bombing.

Counterterrorism Operations Support (CTOS)
Center for Radiological/Nuclear Training- Response to Radiological/Nuclear Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD) Incidents

These course are some of the backbone courses our agency trains our team members to. In addition to these courses we have participated in multiple courses taught by LSU as well as Federal Resources courses.

Describe your hazmat response units year,make,model and any special features you may have: The following equipment is on Special Operations 45:
First Defender – Thermo Fischer
(2) Ludlum Radiation Meter
(2) Victoreen Radiation Meters
(2) APD2000 – Smith Detection
(1) AP2C – Protogen
(1) Razor EX – Idaho Technology
Chlorine A Kit
Chlorine B Kit
Multiple Gas Meters and PIDs
(3) Drager Colormetric Pumps
Freezer for Ice Packs for Level A Suits
(2) WeatherPaks – Coastal Environmental
(1) Bullard T4X Thermal Imaging Camera
– Multiple daming, Dyking and diverting tools
– Various sized Booms, Pillows and Pads
– Grounding and Bonding Equipment
– Overpack Drums
-Various sizes of Level A,B,Full incapsulated B
– Various gloves ( Nitrile, Silver Shield, Viton, Cotton,butly and Neoprene
– Other unlisted equipment.

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