The dangers of Meth production – Training help for ALL first responders

HMN- The dangers associated with the production of Meth are often news here on HazMatNation and have been the discussion during The HazMat Guys Nation Roundtable weekly discussion.   Meth labs are still a serious danger to ALL first responders and should be a part of your first in training with your crew.  The mobile meth labs, explained HERE by our own Jason Rogers, is a GROWING threat that has not slowed down this year.

Last month first responders in Wisconsin dealt with the by products of a mobile lab at where else but a gas station.  Here is the news video and article.  Below we put more training information all in one spot.

FOND DU LAC, Wis. (WBAY) – Fond du Lac Police are investigating a mobile meth lab discovered in the garbage can at a gas station. The incident required the help of a hazmat team.

At around 12:30am on Friday, a man picking through a garbage can at a BP station on the corner of West Scott Street and Military Road found something in the trash that sent him to the hospital for treatment.

According to Assistant Chief Steve Klein with the Fond du Lac Police Department, “He came across a two liter bottle, was in a plastic bag and tied off. When he picked it up it gave off some type of powder that got on his face, caused some type of irritation.”

Asst. Chief Klein says, “Here, you had it right next to a gas pump at a gas station, could have been a very volatile situation.” (more)

What can you do to prepare?

Read this article HERE on mobile and One Pot Meth

Read this article in FireHouse by Bob Coschignano on first response considerations to the Chemical Call

Take a quiz about first in safety for Meth HERE

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Listen to a podcasts on Meth and all things HazMat  HERE

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Need Hands on Training?

Join us at FireHouse Expo Nashville and sign up for our HOT class which will include, you guessed it, METH!

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