Hazmat crew contains chlorine leak in Cottonwood

HMN - Hazmat crew contains chlorine leak in Cottonwood

Originally published on Dothan Eagle

HMN - Hazmat crew contains chlorine leak in Cottonwood
The Dothan Fire Department HazMat team is shown on the scene at Beaver Creek Wastewater Treatment Plant in June 2010.

A small chlorine gas leak detected from a water well on Cottonwood Road and Grove Street early Friday morning took the better part of the day to contain by Dothan Fire Department’s Hazmat Team.

“The leak was contained and the source of the leak was located,” Dothan-Houston County Emergency Management Director Chris Judah said. “It was all under control and no evacuations were needed…”

Cottonwood’s police and fire departments responded to the scene first and blocked off part of the road for a short period of time, according to Judah.

One of the first responders to the scene was taken to the hospital to be treated for chlorine gas inhalation, but he is doing fine now, Judah said.

He added that the cause of the leak is likely due to a broken valve, but it is still under investigation.

A hazmat crew was at the scene from around 8 a.m. until early afternoon because of a mechanical issue with one of the cylinders.

“It takes time to do and we wanted to make sure it was done correctly,” Judah said. “Public safety was the No. 1 priority.”

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