Man enters Las Vegas Wal-Mart in hazmat suit; Sprays unknown liquid

A man was taken into custody after he walked into a Las Vegas Walmart on Sunday wearing a hazmat suit and sprayed an unknown liquid throughout the store amid coronavirus fears, police said.

At least 13 people came in contact with the substance during a time as shoppers stocked up on supplies to hunker down because of the virus.

Police arrived at the scene around 8 p.m. and were able to locate the man with help from a shopper who followed the suspect out of the store and got a license plate number.

“He had some clear liquid in it with the painter’s tape, something written on it,” said witness Zandra Calma, according to the 8NewsNow. “He was just spraying unnecessary things and peoples’ person spaces, on conveyor belts, and worst of all, by the fresh foods.”

Authorities said individuals were given white blankets outside the store to comfort them and keep them warm amid cold weather in the area.

It’s not clear what charges the man will face and the investigation is ongoing, police said.

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