Scholarships, Special Projects Awards Available for Emergency Responders

The Yvorra Leadership Development Foundation is accepting applications for its 2022 Scholarships and Special Projects related to leadership development. 

Any active career or volunteer hazmat, fire, rescue, EMS, emergency management member or active duty or reserve U.S. military member who serves in an emergency response position is eligible.

Annual awards are approximately $3,000 each and four or more awards may be issued to U.S. citizens in 2022. In addition to one award for firefighters, there is an award set aside for hazardous materials responders, one for emergency medical service responders and one for the G. Crawford Wiestling Award. Special awards of greater value may be issued for leadership development related special projects proposed by individuals or groups.

The awards are in memory of Deputy Fire Chief James G. Yvorra, Emergency Medical Technician Donald E. Sellers, and Chief John M. Eversole.

To request an application go to and click “Applications”. The deadline for applications is October 30, 2022 and awards will be announced in late December.

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