Tech Talk: “Keys To Running A Successful Hazmat Incident”

HMN- If you don’t run a full scale event often, refresh with this latest incident from Phoenix and this episode 2 of Tech Talk


These Tech Tips come from Jeff Zinteck and are our second feature on Tech Talk !


Command officers gather and stay at Command post, Hazard Group assigns the teams (research, dressing, decon, entry, backup safety) and allows them to run their area, designate & monitor.



In this case we had Research bullet point each step that the RP wanted them to follow to search for the leak.

Give a complete briefing to Entry & Backup and make certain they understand each objective (Plan A and Plan B).


We were going to use iPad and FaceTime for communications. We backed this decision up with our handheld video camera & receiver in case we had a comm breakdown and what do you know, as soon as Entry was in the hot zone, about 75 yards away, we lost the signal for the iPad. We had to switch to the handheld, we had to radio to Entry and advise him that the guy with the camera is the man now and they left the iPad at the door.


When asking the RP about the leak we asked him to take us all the way to completion: what should we do to look for the leak, when we find it what can we do to stop it, what tools may we need, what if we cant stop it.
Each team needs to have a reference guide so they can make certain they have addressed all duties for their Team.

Who: Jeff Zinteck
What: Field Operation Guide
Where: Phoenix, Arizona
Organization: City of Phoenix Fire Department


Screen Shot 2016-08-11 at 8.33.52 PM

Check out the FOG here.

“The more you sweat in training the less you bleed in battle”
So here’s to training and thanks for the Tech Talk
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