Tech Talk: Making DECON On Wheels

HMN-Today we visit Captain Greg Michael, from the Delaware County, Indiana hazardous material team. Captain Michael took a 24 foot car trailer with a diamond plate floor and turned it into a plug and play water ready mobile decontamination  trailer. The unit itself has heating and air-conditioning which makes it a valuable resource during inclement weather. It can also be used for firefighter on-scene decontamination and firefighter rehab. Check out Captain Michael’s video as he walks you through his creation.

The ability to gross DECON patients seems like a simple process. Pull off the booster line and spray the contaminated person. Simple right? Not exactly, in east central Indiana in February where the temperature is in the teens and the wind chill can drop below zero that’s not the way to decontaminate children. Delaware County is considered to be the most average small city in America. Deemed by the 1929 Middletown Study. Today middle America is plagued with a drug problem that heroine and methamphetamine have caused. The latter has a multitude of collateral damage to not only children of the users and cooks but also the property owners who are sometimes stuck to clean up the mess left after a meth lab is disassembled. All leading to the need for an intermediate technical decontamination unit to be used by ambulatory persons. Locally the police department and the hazmat team have utilized this unit the most.

For questions about this unit contact Captain Greg Michael at or at the Delaware County website here.

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