Amarillo TX Incident – Buzz Blog

Aluminum Phosphide Response    I am sure we have all heard of the tragedy in Amarillo, TX by now. Four members of a family were killed by what is reported to be Phosphine gas. The gas was reported to be generated by Aluminum Phosphide tablets in use at the home. Aluminum Phosphide or even Magnesium Phosphide are the active ingredients ...

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HazMat Buzz Blog – In honor of Chief Buzzy Melton

HazMat Buzz Blog by Kevin Ryan Welcome Fellow Hazmatters to the Hazmat Buzz Blog on This is the first of many entries I hope to make discussing everything hazmat. I want to start by explaining where the name for the blog came from. The blog is named in honor of Retired Baltimore City FD Battalion Chief Buzzy Melton. Chief ...

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Industrial Fire Training

Focus: Industrial Fire Training This week at HAZMATNation we are highlighting industrial fire brigades with a focus on Industrial Fire Training.   Floating roof tanks, how much do you know about them? Brush up with our article below! Roof Tanks H2S is a common refining hazard.  Do you know the important  facts? Find more at: Hydrogen Sulfide Ever wonder why ...

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Industrial Fire Quiz ‘The Basics’

Industrial Fire Quiz An Industrial Fire Quiz designed to help you improve your game and stay safe. Industrial Fire is unique and definitely requires special skills. As HazMatters we have many dangers to face. Many of us have Industrial Fire facilities in our first in. Find the answers the articles on Industrial Fire in  This is the first in a ...

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Industrial Fire Familiarization: Pipe Fittings

  Industrial Fire Familiarization: Pipe Fittings   As industrial fire professionals, it is important for us to understand our process we protect.  One of the most common ways to transport materials in our plants and refineries, is through sometimes elaborate systems of piping.   Pipe itself can be made of many different materials.  Some of them being common fiberglass or ...

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LAB-ID.NET As mentioned on Episode 47 of THMG Roundtable here is the information on the new App by Todd Burton! Have you ever responded to a hazmat lab and couldn’t figure out what they were making? For Todd Burton, this question came up on several occasions so he decided to make it easier on himself and help others by developing ...

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Industrial Fire Familiarization: Spherical Tanks

  HMN-Spherical tanks are a staple in modern LPG storage.  Their spherical shape makes them easy to spot, and for us, should make it easy to assume general hazards associated with the product inside.   What’s inside? Spherical tanks are designed so because they generally hold pressurized gases kept in liquid form. The pressures are generally higher than 15 psi, ...

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Tech Talk: Building a strong Special Operations Team

HMN-Hazmat Nation has kicked off another “Tech Talk” segment sharing with hazmat teams and responders around the country. We are pooling our resources to answer all your questions and share your ideas. Building a strong Special Operations Team By Captain Todd Poland Fort Myers Fire Department Have you ever wondered how to get a special operations team started at your ...

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Industrial Fire Familiarization: Furnace tube rupture

  Industrial Fire Familiarization: Furnace Tube Rupture HMN-On this installment of Industrial Fire Familiarization, we will be going over industrial furnace tube rupture, and first in priority. What’s going on inside? Furnaces are generally used to raise the temperature of a product for processing means. It is not uncommon for these temperatures to be well over 1,000 degrees Fahrenheit. Providing ...

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Do You Know Anything About Gas Station Safety?

HMN- How familiar with gas station operations are you and your team? Check out some safety features at gas stations from this video: Thanks Kevin Ryan of Baltimore, MD for sharing this info and video link.

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