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Industrial Fire Familiarization: Flammable Liquid Firefighting One of the lesser touched on subjects of the firefighting world is that of flammable liquids, and techniques for extinguishment.  Today we will focus on the control and extinguishment of “Heavy” flammable liquids.  When I use the term “Heavy” I mean those of which that are longer chained hydrocarbons.  […]
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HazSim Customer Spotlight Hazmat Training Expert Casey Jones Ensuring hazmat students are engaged and learning requires breaking down material into digestible bites, fresh, realistic hands-on scenarios and verifying student understanding. Casey Jones is a 20-year emergency services veteran including 13 years with the Little Rock (Ark.) Fire Department. He is a lead hazmat instructor not […]
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Radiation Training at the PEMA Rodeo The Pennsylvania Emergency Management Agency (PEMA) conducted radiation training called Radiological Officers Developmental Emergency Operations (RODEO) with HazMat 2 Environmental Fire Rescue Company, Lancaster PA.  In addition to several hands-on drills with multiple agencies from around the state the evolutions also included using drones to perform recon.  Now, this is what we […]