Today’s Haz-Matters: The City of Fort Myers Fire Department

Today’s Haz-Matters:  The City of Fort Myers Fire Department


The City of Fort Myers Fire Department HazMat team is staffed with 42 personnel, trained to the technician level, who each complete a minimum of 36 hours of annual training. The HazMat team is capable of providing identification, stabilization, and mitigation of hazardous materials incidents including events involving weapons of mass destruction (WMD).

IMG_4168Fort Myers Fire
The Who?
Department Name: City of Fort Myers Fire Department. Number of Haz-Mat Team members: 42

The Where?
State: Florida

County: Lee County

City/Town: City of Fort Myers

Population Served: 62,298 for City of Fort Myers and 618,754 for Lee County

We asked: “Staffed Unit or On Call?”

They answered: “Staffed with 4 Hazmat Techs”

We asked: “Describe how you train your team members”

They answered: “The team trains monthly with shift trainings, team trainings, and substance of the month trainings”

We asked “Describe your hazmat response units”
They Answered: “Hazmat- 15 which is a Ford F550 Truck and Trailer combo, and Engine 15 which is a 2001 Pierce Enforcer”.



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Due to the City of Fort Myers being located on the west coast of Florida and on the Caloosahatchee River, the team is trained to deliver waterway oil spill response mitigation for the protection of the environment.

IMG_417_Fort Myers Fire


The team is not only the City of Fort Myers HazMat team, but is also the sole provider of HazMat/ WMD response and mitigation service for Lee County and part of a competent for a regional response known as Region 6, which provides HazMat/WMD response to 10 counties that make up southwest Florida.


IMG_4172Fort Myers Fire

Thank you Captain Todd Poland/ Special Operation Coordinator for submitting the information for this HazMatters!

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