HazMat Training: HazMat Response Group

Training for First Responders by First Responders

The Mission

HazMat Response Group is dedicated to assisting each Hazardous Materials Professional with the most effective training methods available. Our company utilizes the most up to date technology to increase the learning environment for military, fire, law enforcement, and industrial based hazardous materials response organizations.

The Company

HazMat Response Group was born from the idea that the adult education environment is changing. Adult learners are seeking hands-on skill repetition and new interactive environments to learn how to safely and effectively respond to hazardous materials incidents. HazMat Response Group invests in new equipment, up to date techniques, and a nationally recognized instructor core. HazMat Response Groups’ Instructor core is made up of “real-life” experienced responders from the military, fire service, law enforcement, and industry.

The Projects

HazMat Response Group is a prime federal contractor who has been involved with projects both stateside and abroad.  The projects range in scope from OSHA and NFPA based Hazardous Materials Technician Training to Hazardous Materials Planning for local communities and industrial locations.

HazMat Response Group LLC

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HazMat Response Group recently trained the 82nd CST at Ellsworth Air Force Base with HazSim.  “The ability to see elevated H2S and changes in LEL and O2 in real-time is like no other experience”

HazMat Response Group and HazSim

HazMat Response Group is proud to announce the partnership with HazSim, LLC and #handsonhazmat.  “One the most misunderstood tools that emergency responders utilize is the 4 or 5 gas meter”, states Nick Bonstell, President and Owner of HazMat Response Group.  “HazSim allows the adult learner to actually make tactical decision based from the readings on the meter.  This not only gives the student the confidence in the field, but also a real-life experience that is applicable to their job as emergency responders.”

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