Hazmatters: Allegheny County

Hazmatters: Allegheny County

Today on HAZMATTERS we will take a look at the responders from Allegheny County Pennsylvania.

The responders of the Allegheny County Emergency services have a saying for themselves, that fits quite well.

“Operation CF – The right men for the wrong job”

This team of 15 serve a population of approximately 55,000 and was founded in 2014.  Their “first due” area includes hazards such as industrial sites, schools, nuclear reactor facilities, and multiple fuel farms.  They stay sharp on all of these subjects by training multiple times a year locally, and by traveling to facilities such as the CDP in Anniston, Alabama.

The group of 15 Fire/EMS personnel began training together around 5 years ago, and continue to constantly train.  Each member belongs to separate fire or EMS departments in Allegheny County; in what they call the “West Zone”.  This is named for their dispatch grouping by the county EOC.  The group predominantly runs on the Green Team of the Allegheny County Hazmat, or HazMat medical response team.  With a run area that covers approximately 1/3 of the county, they are made up of the suburbs of Pittsburgh, PA.

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