Hazmatters: Verizon MERIT

Today on HAZMATTERS we would like to recognize the responders on the Verizon MERIT. MERIT, or Major Emergency Response Incident Team, was established in 1993 under the telecom MCI, now the team is operated by Verizon. There are 32 volunteer members spread across the United States. Each member holding a different job within the Verizon company. From field techs, to building engineers, to even managers from both the hard line and wireless parts of the business. The team responds to hazmat incidents that might affect the Verizon telecom network for example the 9/11 attacks, post office anthrax scares, train derailments, and various natural disasters.

All of the members are trained to NFPA 472 Technician level with regional training, annual exercises, a 40 hour yearly refresher, as well as quarterly continuing education. There are 3 response trucks located around the country, with all of the equipment a hazmat team could need.

The three trucks are typical 24 foot box trucks with fly away crates containing meters, decon equipment, all levels of PPC, SCOTT SCBA, and medical equipment.

This edition of HAZMATTERS is sponsored by HAZSIM.

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