Chemical Database Updated

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A new version of CAMEO Chemicals is now available.

CAMEO Chemicals is a database of hazardous chemical data sheets with response recommendations and physical properties for thousands of substances, and it also includes a tool for predicting possible hazards that could occur if chemicals mix and react with one another.

New changes in version 3.0.0 include:

  • Added a new mapping tool to plot initial isolation and protective action distances from the Emergency Response Guidebook. The map can be accessed from any UN/NA datasheet that has the ERG Table 1 (or Table 3) values from the green section. This feature is similar to the one that had previously been available in WISER.
  • Included functionality to allow the mapping tool to export objects to a KML file that can be viewed in other mapping programs, including MARPLOT.
  • Enhanced the Vapor Density and Specific Gravity fields with short phrases to say if the chemical will likely sink/rise in air or sink/float in fresh water (respectively).
  • Updated data from several sources, including EPA regulatory data, NIOSH Pocket Guides, DuPont suit fabric breakthrough times, and toxic Levels of Concern.
  • Improved menus in the desktop platform by adding zoom options and a right-click menu.
  • Added compatibility improvements for newer operating systems.
  • Improved desktop platform behavior when dealing with path names that include characters from languages other than English.
  • Revised the help topics.
  • Made additional minor changes and bug fixes.

You can access CAMEO Chemicals 3.0.0 in a variety of formats:

If you have questions about this program update, please email [email protected].

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