Equity Pipeline Mapping Tool Useful for Hazmat Teams

Source: Pipeline Hazardous Materials Safety Administration

PHMSA Social Equity Mapping Tools allows viewers to visualize pipeline accidents and incidents across the U.S. This effort seeks to promote data transparency by making pipeline incident data easier to access and understand for the public.  

The Social Equity Mapping Tools provide a state-by-state analysis of reportable pipeline incidents and accidents where users can view the cause of pipeline failures, the operator of that line, and the communities affected by the incident.

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Climate and environmental justice have been at the forefront of this administration, highlighting the inequities that exist in our communities. These tools are part of DOT’s Justice40 Initiative to confront and address underinvestment in disadvantaged communities. These new tools make it easier for users to learn more about pipeline safety incidents affecting their communities.

This mapping tool can also be used by fire departments and regional hazmat teams to assess risks and track incidents in theirs and mutual-aid jurisdictions.

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The tools use Geographic Information System technology to track information on reportable incidents that occur on pipelines that transport gas within communities and across states, and pipeline incidents caused by excavation damage.

For full access to the Social Equity Mapping Tools, visit https://dac-phmsa-usdot.hub.arcgis.com/

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