Fentanyl-laced pills are killing teenagers in the Northland, Kansas City police warn

Originally published by The Kansas City Star

Police across the Kansas City metro area have seen an increase in accidental overdose deaths of teenagers who have taken fentanyl-laced pills, especially in the Northland.

The overdoses and deaths have been linked to pills that users, including young adults, think are prescription pain medication, the Kansas City Police Department said in a news release Thursday.

Officers across the metro have found the pills, but the most overdoses have been of teenagers in the Northland, police said. Users have been identified at several high schools.

“Some have survived and some haven’t,” police said.

Frequently referred to as “percs,” for Percocet, and “M-30s,” some of the pills are laced with fentanyl. Police said as little as .25 milligrams of it can kill someone. The pills are made for the black market.

Police advised parents to look out for blue pills stamped with “M” and “30” or any drugs not prescribed by medical professionals.

The department also said parents should talk to their kids about the risks of taking such pills. Police advised parents to call them if they find the pills or hear talk about who uses them.

Police continue to investigate the source of the drugs.

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