LA Hazmat SHOW Focuses on Training, Detection

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The Los Angeles City Fire Department’s Hazardous Materials Division teamed up with Dräger to host the Strategic Hazmat Operations Workshop (SHOW) on August 22-23 in Los Angeles.

This energizing, two-day event broke the mold of traditional workshops by offering rigorous training in leading-edge gas detection technology and hazmat response strategies.

Led by industry experts, the workshop covered an array of subjects — from Dräger’s specialized sampling tubes and systems to handheld gas detectors and next-level network safety solutions. Curated to better prepare emergency responders for critical situations, the program accentuates the latest tools for swift decision-making and unveils modern methods for detecting toxic gases in real-world settings.

The training experience leverages hands-on instruction, addressing the unique challenges firefighters and hazmat responders face.

You can’t talk about the SHOW without mentioning the experts. Here are three who stood out.

Ed Ligus is a luminary in gas detection with 42 years of experience under his belt, helmed an in-depth workshop on Dräger’s colorimetric indicator tubes. Users learned to measure and interpret results with individual detector tubes and five-tube sets, helping users rapidly identify hazards. “Attendees were engaged, asked lots of questions, and actively participated in hands-on exercises,” Ligus says. “Mission accomplished.”

Randy Fuson, a champion of gas detection at Dräger with a 24-year career, was another standout at the event. He demystifies modern atmospheric monitoring complexities. His talk balanced theoretical know-how with hands-on practicality, covering gas chromatography technology and the use of the Dräger X-pid® 9500 in hazmat situations.

“The audience provided valuable knowledge, and I appreciate their willingness to share professional experiences,” he says.

David Lamensdorf, Safe Environment Engineering’s CEO, served up advanced insights on telemetric public safety and environmental solutions. Advocating fire departments to adopt a multi-faceted approach to hazmat challenges, he blended technical acumen with a grasp of interoperability area monitoring principles.

“While the Dräger X-Site Live simply connects and delivers streaming real-time readings, under the hood it is formatting the data to an international standard so if a bad day should occur, it’s promptly shared with others that need to know,” Lamensdorf says.

The event functioned as a transformative platform, amplifying both individual skills and collective know-how. This peace of mind in the field will help first responders add confidence and empowerment, aiding them to better navigate the challenges of their respective fields. The gathering established genuine applicable benefits, bolstering both career advancement and overarching community protection.

Dräger is set to roll out more SHOWs nationally, aiming to team up with local fire and/or hazmat groups. Future sessions strive to build on the recent success, offering first responders to upskill and network in gas detection advancement.

For updates or to discuss hosting a SHOW, connect with Dräger at Playing key roles in the SHOW’s success were Fire Etc. of San Diego and Safe Environment Engineering of Valencia, Calif., that made invaluable support and contributions. Their efforts make it possible for firefighters to get the essential training they need to excel in their roles.

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