New Guide for Infectious EMS Patient Handling

New Guide for Infectious EMS Patient Handling

The National Emerging Special Pathogens Training and Education Center (NETEC) developed a new set of model procedural guidelines that can assist EMS agencies in the development of SOPs for transporting and managing patients suspected or confirmed to have a high-consequence infectious disease (HCID).

By providing a structured framework for response, these guidelines will enhance your agency’s preparedness to manage HCID patient encounters, improving personnel safety and safeguarding public health.

Written as a complement to the ASPR TRACIE EMS Infectious Disease Playbook, these model procedural guidelines provide step-by-step instructions that can be adapted by any EMS agency for incorporation into their policies and procedures for managing HCID patients.

EMS Model Guide Series

These model procedural guidelines were developed by the NETEC EMS/Patient Transport Work Group, which is composed of subject matter experts from the EMS Biosafety Transport Consortium who support the federally designated Regional Emerging Special Pathogen Treatment Centers for transport and management of patients suspected or confirmed to have an HCID.NETEC is made up of staff from Emory University, the University of Nebraska Medical Center/Nebraska Medicine, and NYC Health + Hospitals/Bellevue. Its mission is to set the gold standard for special pathogen preparedness and response across health systems in the U.S.

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