The Gray Area – Where Rescue meets HazMat – Chemical Suicide Case Study


First in considerations and a look in to exclusive interview with Chemical Suicide survivor

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Phil Ambrose had the opportunity to talk about a case study on Chemical Suicide and First In considerations at firextalk in Pasadena earlier this year.

‘Late last year volunteer firefighters in Indiana donned SCBA and performed a rescue on an individual who had confined himself in a sealed room and created a poisonous gas intending to kill himself. I had the opportunity to not only review the incident with responders but conducted an exclusive interview with the victim. As a first responder I was able to ask those questions often left unanswered when the outcome is fatal. I also address the rescue decision faced by first responders in a call that initially does not present as HazMat but then becomes one. I draw a comparison to active fire vs. chemical exposure and the protection provided with SCBA. Thanks to FirexTalk for providing the opportunity and all of the responders who have helped me with the Case Study which will soon be published.’


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