The Hazmatters of Union County FBMA Local 99

The Hazmatters of Union County FBMA Local 99

Team:  Union County NJ HazMat

City/Region:  Union County New Jersey

Today we look at the Union County NJ HazMat team.  The team is made up of 24 members and is responsible for hazmat response in all 21 municipalities in Union County.  The team also responds to mutual aid into additional counties as well.  As an all-risk team, Union County Hazmat also responds to credible threats with the bomb squad.

The response area includes a dangerous 3 mile stretch highway with multiple massive refineries and factories.  The team covers Port Elizabeth which is one of the busiest ports in the country.

Staffing and Equipment

The team is cross staffed from other apparatus with 20 full time employees and 4 per diem hazmat techs.   Besides Level 1 hazmat the team also provides Emergency Medical Services to all of Union County.  The team is proud to be 100% union NJFMBA Local 99.  All of the full time members are trained both hazmat technicians (some up to specialist level) and are also trained as emergency medical technicians.  Several members also have rad specialist and some have wmd specialist or tank/rail car specialist certifications.

The team apparatus includes 2 EUVs, 1 for wild land firefighting and  1 for EMS, the team also has a rescue, field analysis unit, utility trucks, and suburbans.  There is also a unit strictly for EMS.  Additional equipment includes multiple trailers with equipment for large spills, decon, WMD and additional supplies for extended incidents.


For training the team will meet weekly depending on how busy they have been.   Members hold instructor certification and can teach hazmat awareness, operations, decon, and ems operations.  Looking out for their future, the team also trains the new recruits at the Union County Fire Academy in hazmat and conduct yearly hazmat refreshers in the County.

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