The Living Threat - BIO


More suspicious letters found in Atlantic City amid Trenton anthrax scare

HMN- White powder calls continue across the nation. This story comes to ...

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Officers with the Portland Police Bureau Drugs and Vice Division helped search the home using drug suits (KOIN)

Terrorist in the middle east carrying out chemical experiments on its prisoners as it moves labs into residential neighbourhoods

HMN- With the international threat of CBRNE terrorism how are you preparing? ...

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Ebola - as seen through a microscope - Courtesy CDC

Ebola Basics and the other E (Coli)

Here is a brief look at a few ‘Bios’.  HazMat responders are ...

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Response to medical waste

It runs beneath us – Bio waste response

Last month untreated biological waste washed up at Dockweiler Beach in Southern California. ...

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