Are chemical suicides a ‘growing risk’ for first responders?

Are chemical suicides a ‘growing risk’ for first responders

As soon as I get in my car heading for work I am assuming some risk.  The difference when I get to work than some others is I took an oath to help and protect others, even if it meant getting in harms way and assuming more risk than someone else.

A headline caught my attention today: ‘Chemical Suicides growing risk to first responders‘.  Does data support this claim?  The news piece covers another tragic loss of life by someone obviously at the end of their rope, who was not able to get help, who decided to end their life by inhaling a chemical mixture.  The unfortunate victim appears to be courteous to all around and put up signs warning others to stay clear either to ensure their own demise or as a last act of compassion for others we will never know.

Fact:  The chemicals created during a chemical suicide can be harmful enough to kill.

Fact: The toxic atmosphere created during a chemical suicide has the potential to hurt or kill someone without the proper personal protective gear and training.

Fact:  Not every chemical suicide victim should be assumed deceased.

Ultimately as first responders it is a personal choice from the day we accept the badge.  During our career it is also a personal choice on fitness, training, and keeping current on tactics and strategy.  Here are some articles, videos, webinar, and more from my experiences with this ‘growing risk’.

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‘If the rule of thumb is your comfort zone – stay there.   For me, I will always maintain my fitness for response and be ready for the grab’

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