At “Hazmat Nation’ and CBRNe Nation, we understand that as our profession continues to outgrow local and national stovepipes, there is greater demand for international dialogue and collaboration, and in some cases, rules and guidelines. Over the past 20 years, individuals and institutions have looked to the Hazmat Nation to play a role in these endeavors.

We are now proud to announce that as of September 2nd 2020, “CBRNe Nation” combines forces with ‘Hazmat Nation’.  This coincides with a FREE App which will include both ‘Nations’. – news, industry resources, links to trade magazine, mapping software, grant information….. and much more. 

HERE is your opportunity to apply for exclusive  ‘Dual Citizenship’ at a special introductory rate which will offer exclusive benefits to both individuals and industry;

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Get the App - Available Now

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Embassy Level  – designed for commercial entities, Training organizations, industry and suppliers to the CBRNe and Hazmat sectors. Includes Consulate level membership benefits, plus discounted exhibitor fees and shared exhibitor opportunities for corporations each year. One banner and company description on each website. Use of the Dual Nation logo and endorsement on your website.

Consulate Level -
  • Access to the online Membership Directory
  • Private members area for information sharing, Q&A’s 
  • Online access to publications.
  • Online library of resources.
  • Hazmat and CBRNe store to purchase exclusive logo items at 10% off.
  • Discounted entry for members at various trade shows and virtual events around the world. 
  • Multiple product discounts with selected industry suppliers – available to members only.
  • Free swag on sign up.
  • Free pass to 2 x annual networking events at two industry shows held in the US annually.
  • Partner discounts and exclusive sales.
  • Discounted memberships to professional organizations.
  • Frequent members only equipment discounts and special offers.
Citizen of the Dual Nations -
  • Access to public areas of both CBRNe Nation and Hazmat Nation websites
  • Access to FREE DUAL NATION App.
Cost of citizen visas: Full 12 months from date of joining.

Ambassador:  – POA (waiting list)

Embassy:        – $299/year  

Consulate:       -.$60/year

Citizen:            – No Passport required

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