Buzz Blog: What you leave behind Part II Hello Fellow Hazmatters and welcome back to the Buzz Blog for Part II of What You Leave Behind. I had the pleasure of attending the 2017 Virginia Hazmat Response Conference in the 2nd week of September. VA Hazmat is the oldest running hazmat conference in North America for more than 30 years ...

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HAZMAT Helmet cam

Helmet cam

HMN-Recently, the YouTube user “Logan Stewart” uploaded a helmet cam video of a Hazmat response to a possible fire, with sulfur smell associated.  The video shows his crews response where as an assignment they are a standby line for the incident. Do you have any helmet cam videos from hazmat responses or training we should feature? Send them our way! ...

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Industrial Fire Familiarization: Turnarounds and Outages

Industrial Fire Familiarization: Turnarounds and Outages Some of the most stressful times in a refinery or process area, are the intense workloads and dangerous conditions of outages and turnarounds. For those not in the industry, a “Turnaround”, or “Outage”, is a period of time where a process is shut down, de-inventoried, and overhauled for another round of production. If we’re ...

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LPG Fires: Sometimes it’s about perspective


    HMN-Recently, at an industrial fire training, I got some great helmet cam footage of some very experienced firefighters honing in on new skills, and brushing up on old ones.  I was able to capture a great shot that illustrates the effect of nozzle patterns, and draft, on a LPG fire. In the following photo, take note of the ...

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“Black Stone” becoming a new chemical suicide go-to

Chemical suicide

  HMN-In 2017 so far, 128 people have used the poison paraphenylenediamine for suicide. Chemical suicide is becoming a serious threat to EMS responders and rescuers alike. provides more. BAHAWALPUR-Black stone or paraphenylenediamine has become a major facilitator in the suicides being committed by women commonly due to financial difficulties, domestic disputes and poverty. Despite a ban on its sale, ...

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HMN- Hello fellow hazmatters and welcome back to the Buzz Blog. I want to start of this edition by defining the word legacy. Legacy is:  something transmitted by or received from an ancestor or predecessor or from the past. One could apply this definition in many different ways to their lives. In fire service terms I believe it boils down ...

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“What’s Up Wednesday”

HMN-It’s “What’s Up Wednesday”! Can you tell us what Guide Number you would use for this tanker from your ERG? #HazSim #HandsOnHazMat #ERG This “What’s Up Wednesday” is brought to you by HazSim. Keep training realistic! Over 100 HazSim systems in use across the U.S. Find out about demo’s in your area, available grants, hands on hazmat training, and pricing. ...

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Industrial Fire Familiarization: Process and Products (Part 1)

Industrial Fire Familiarization: Process and Products (Part 1) Some of the largest hurdles to clear when becoming an industrial firefighter are understanding how process equipment works, and what exactly we are making. The knowledge of how different pieces of process equipment work, I believe, is vital to the success of an industrial responder. Being able to identify what a piece ...

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