Meth Lab Challenge – Quiz


What is the most common form of production of methamphetamine?

What is the precursor for making methamphetamine?

What chemical or chemicals are produced during the RED-P cooking process?

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The NAZI method uses?

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What is the IDLH of Iodine and in what process is it used?


HCL Gas can cause throat and skin irritation at what ppm?

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NH3 has an IDLH of?

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What is the most dangerous at a Meth Lab Scene?

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Hydrogen Chloride gas is what color and when dissolved in water forms?

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Phosphine is?

Lithium reacts violently when it comes in contact with?


Proper air monitoring strategies should include:

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Which group of first responders has the highest percent of injuries at a Meth Lab due to lack of PPE or Decon?


Methamphetamine was first discovered in:

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What is recommended as best practice to have on scene of a Meth Lab Incident?

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Bonus: Have you been listening to The HazMat Guys podcast?

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What hit show involved production of Meth in both a mobile and fixed lab?

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